The 7.62 mm Buffermounts offer several advantages to the marksman .

-Improved accuracy and grouping
- Increased first hit probability
- Low weight, less than 3,0 kg/7,0 lbs
- Reduced recoil forces
- Improved ergonomics
- Very reliable
- Canting compensation
- Picatinny rail
- Host all types of ammunition boxes
- Very simple maintenance
- Elevation can be set in a fixed position

The Buffermount for the MG3 and for the combination mount for both FN MAG 58/Minimi (M240/M249) are new developments where the main parts are of aluminium to reduce weight.





Ammunition box holder
- Cartridge collector bag
- Sight bracket
- Traverse mechanism with sector limiter bracket
- Laser pointer
- Torch
- Red dot sight
- Adjustable lower elevations stop
- Picatinny rail
- Tripods (equally light