All purpose spherical shaped, inflatable , buoys , and fenders

  • A Series

    A-series are produced in 8 different sizes. Each model is designed and molded in order to offer a maximum of strength in combination with highest possible buoyancy. The wide range, from the smallest to the largest buoy, makes them useful in a wide variety of maritime sectors.

    A-series with its easily recognizable ribbed, reinforced rope holds and the seamless construction of the buoys and fenders are part of the reasons why professional users all over the world prefer the A-series buoys – and why these buoys have become synonymous with "the best buoy money can buy".

    A Series
  • F Series

    Heavy duty , Cylindrical , shaped , inflatable fenders

    F series cylindrical fender are offered in as many as 12 different sizes to fit vessels , ranging from the smallest dinghy up to commercial ship and heavy vessels.

    F Series
  • HL Series

    Inflatable low drag buoys and cylindrical shaped fenders

    Cylindrical, ‘bullet-shaped HL-buoys are specially designed to reduce drag when used under conditions with strong currents. Under some conditions, the HL-buoys can considerably reduce the drag when compared to spherical buoys.
    The HL-buoy is also a popular fender, especially on boats with low freeboard. Designed with the original blue-top ropehold, the HL-buoys are heavyduty buoys, used by commercial fishermen in inshore and offshore environments.

    HL Series
  • G Series

    Blow molded cylindrical shaped

    G-fenders are blow molded from marine-grade Vinyl material. Intended to be used for typically light-weight utility fenders - but still designed with re-enforcing ribs along the length of the fender body - to assure added strength and abrasion resistance. These fenders are fitted with the full-size V-10 all-plastic valve and securing valve screw. The G-fenders are suitable for smaller and medium size pleasure crafts.

    G Series
  • CC Series

    Multi purpose inflatable buoys with central flexible tube

    Commonly known as ""High- Fliers". These buoys are fitted with a central, flexible tube for mounting of for example a pole. The CC-series Multi-purpose buoys are of seam- less molded construction and are widely used for various marking applications.

    CC Series
  • CCE series

    Inflatable mooring buoys with galvanized rod

    inflatable mooring buoys are offered with either a short mooring rod (CCE-type mooring buoy) or a long mooring rod (CCD-type mooring buoy). The mooring buoys are fully assembled by the factory and only need correct inflation before use. The rods include a swivel at the lower end and all parts are hot dipped galvanized.

    G Series
  • Pe-3 Series

    Small non-inflatable semi hard plastic marker buoys.

    G Series
  • BPB Series

    The BPB Purse Seine Floats are manufactured from ethylene vinyl acetate to our in-house developed raw material recipe. Advanced production technology guarantees floats of superior quality. The grommets are a part of the products from stage one in the production cycle and thus form an integrated part of the finished products. floats are light in weight, have very high tensile strength and do not absorb any water. The outstanding elasticity of the material provides floats that have the highest resistance to shrinkage, permanent deformation and breakage.

    G Series
  • FlowSafe

    Flotation Device

    FlowSafe hose flotation devices are used in various fields of marine activities, such as offshore oil- and gas industry and port facilities.
    Transfer of fluid at sea is often associated with serious problems – especially in severe weather. During discharge, the hose sinks as it fills with water, slurry, or whatever is being pumped through the hose. Even slight movement of the vessel can cause the hose to come in contact with the propeller.
    The consequences arising from a broken hose can be extreme:
    Contamination due to spillage, Destruction of the hose requiring repair or replacement at considerable cost that could have been avoided, Damage to the supply ship putting it out of operation. Both, the vessel and the crew may be exposed to danger.
    With FlowSafe hose flotation device fitted around the transfer hose these problems may to a large degree be avoided. The hose will float in plain sight, making discharging much simpler and safer.

    G Series G Series
  • MR/MG Series

    Non-inflatable Mooring Buoys

    MR30, MR40 and MG40 (with long iron rod) special foam material with 100% closed cells. The material is an in-house composition, consisting of environmentally friendly EVA. The closed-cell structure prevents any water from entering into the material and makes these buoys totally puncture proof. MR- and MG-series mooring buoys are fitted with a hot dipped galvanized mooring rod and swivel.

    G Series
  • MF Series

    Dock ending bumpers and fenders

    The MF44 Marina Fender is our smallest dock fender list for boat protection. It's easily attached to most docks by use of mounting brackets (included) and 4 appropriate screws. Can be formed to cover corners and bends. Will not deteriorate in the sun, will not mark your boat.

    G Series
  • MF 60

    MF60 Marina Fender is the ideal protection - mounts easily to most docks by use of mounting brackets (included) and 4 appropriate screws. Can be formed to cover corners and bends. Will not deteriorate in the sun, will not mark your boat

    G Series
  • MF150

    The MBF150 Marina Bumper is the most heavy-duty type of Marina Fender, designed for maximum protection of the bow/stern when mooring and during boarding. Delivered with mounting brackets.

    G Series
  • PMF series

    The Modular Fendering System consists of fender modules, mounting hardware and fixing profiles. PMF is intended as fendering between a boat and the dock, and can also be used in other fendering applications. The modules are developed for use in a system in which one or more modules are mounted to a mounting profile.

    Fender modules, with integrated fixing
    points, are designed to be fastened to a profile on a ship or a quay by means of mounting parts. Fixing profiles can be manufactured in steel, aluminum or plastic resin, and are bolted, welded, bonded, or integrated to a ship or a pier.

    Along with the mounting hardware, modules are designed for easy mounting and dismounting to the fixing profile. The back side of the modules is designed to guide the fenders while mounting, and seal off the top and bottom edge to prevent intrusion of dirt.

    G Series
  • APB series

    Modular Mooring and Spring Buoys

    The APB-series represents a modular series of buoys, designed for surface and sub-surface use, rotomolded from polyethylene and filled with polystyrene foam (, polyurethane foam or other materials depending on the application. The buoys are equipped with hot dip galvanized steel armatures, 4 full-length hot dip galvanized steel bolts and continuous chain through the center. The steel armatures and chain vary from application to application depending on whether it is for aquaculture, offshore, surface, sub-surface or other installations.

    As you can see our buoy, fender and float selection is vast and we have many different options to meet your requirements. These also include floats for marina pontoons and pontoon floats.

    G Series