• Ras Al-Khaier Floating Pontoons / Saudi Cost Guards Station

    Ras Al-khaier Port is a strategic industrial port in the east area of Saudi Arabia, UMG is building new 20 Boats floating docks marine station for Saudi Cost Guards , the station provided with 11 pedestals providing electricity and fresh water and three Fire pumps and the petrol station providing Fuel and diesel to boats. UMG is working to make this station as a prototype in the east area ( Finish is 29/07/2015.

  • 12 (SRI) Fibre Glass Boats Order \ Saudi Arabia

    SDC released and order for 12 (SRI) Fibre Glass Boats to UMG to be delivered in the next 8 months , Mr. Dawad ( CEO Of SDC ) expressed his hope to consider this opportunity as a step to develop the Boats concept in Saudi And to enhance the quality of the boats by using the italian technology

  • Safety Equipments contract award to UMG from JANA Marine Saudi.

    In the presence of both companies Top Managements , UMG and JANA Marine have signed a contract to supply high end safety equipments from USA , ITlay and Germany . the contract period is 3 months and including more that 100 items from diffrent sullpiers world wide.