We offer marina owners and operators a full range of custom docking products and solutions designed to reduce maintenance costs and enhance boating pleasure. From piles, floaters and gangways to complete marina systems and anchoring solutions, we combines quality, variety and customer care in a way that brings as much enjoyment to the process of marina building and design as the finished product provided to boat owners.

  • Pontoons

    The Technomarine 500 series floating dock is an innovation of strength, beauty and simplicity.

    Its finger bows mirror the bows of docked vessels to create a unified, nautical appearance. Created with only the best materials and finished to the highest standards, you can find our pontoons in some of the most prestigious marinas around the world including Almouj Marina, Muscat, Oman.

    Everything from the integrated, non-marking fenders, to the elegant choice of decking styles are customised by you, allowing you to create the best foundations for your marina.