UMG is providing a complete range of speed boats (SRI, MRI, and LRI), Fibre Glass, Aluminium or even carbon Fibre area all available for our clients.

UMG with its international partners are providing to their clients a tremendous range of boats options for the NAVY and the cost guards and even for the civilian usages, Depending on our partners experience we can work as a consultant to our clients to choose the best option required for a certain Job

Italy , Germany , Netherland , Bahrain and USA are were partners located in and were they really know about the sea and what are the best solution can be provided for boats .

Speed , rigidity , durability , easy maintenance and environment friendly boats are Not only our targets to provide in our but also the Crew safety which is our main concerns , we depend on boats histories and performance and we work to enhance it before providing it as a solution to our client .

  • 1150 ASSAULT

    The MRCD1100 MPAC Mid Engines has the console and engines in the middle. Because of this layout the crew and embarked forces are positioned in the most aft position possible and therefore they experience the less vertical accelarations. Another benefit is that that all the crew and embarked forces are protected against the elements and even against unfriendly fire by the large wrap around console.

  • Honda
    Luxury Tender ST480

    From a small standard rhib which offered no protection for the crew, nowadays a rhib should be a more flexible multirole platform where modularity and multirole is very important in order to adapt to the different evolving situations.