We are the only providers of the award winning and beautifully designed Surmarine tenders and sport ribs in the region. With a selection ranging from 13kg foldable ribs to large top-of-the-range tenders there is something for everyone. All craft can be customised with a choice of colours and are ideal as tenders and for all round use.

  • The LT Series – Light tender LT190

    Ultra lightweight at 13kg but still strong, the LT 190 boasts high quality and a sleek finish, not to mention the possibility of customization of colour and the integration of a 4 stroke motor with a combined weight of only 29kg. These are really little gems.

  • The ST series - Sports Ribs and Luxury Tenders
    Luxury Tender ST480

    This has everything you could want for a tender. Elegant design, GPS, speedometer, adjustable steering wheel for standing, synthetic teak panelling and customisability. It is top of the range and it definitely looks the part.

  • ST270 Rider

    An innovative “Toy” for your yacht, probably the lightest dinghy with central saddle on the market, with fibreglass body built with our “double shell” technology. Performance are ensured by a long keel and “auto trim” flaps supplied as standard equipment. We have reached 21 knots of speed with only 10 HP ! The wide trunk under the seat can contain the 12 or 25 litre fuel tank, battery or multiple battery pack for electric outboard version

  • The ET Series – Easy tender

    The ET series offers the same luxury style as the ST series, with a bit more simplicity.
    There is a choice of different colours as with all models and the same high quality materials and finishing run throughout. The EASY 320 surprises you with the elegant design and the front seat which hides a 12 lt tank, supplied with the boat, with the tubes for gasoline that comes out close to the motor. So... everything is clean and practic!